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December 11, 2012

Business Owners Policy. What Consumers Expect From Their Agent.

First, let’s define Business Owners Policy (BOP).  A BOP policy in general is a package policy that includes both property and general liability insurance.  In many cases additional coverages can be added.  A BOP policy covers businesses in the case of damaged or lost property.  In other words, in the event of a claim, you’ll receive enough settlement to replace the property.  The policy can also include personal property.  The liability portion of the BOP protects the business against claims of bodily injury or property damage.  It can also cover legal defense, libel, slander, & even false advertising.

Now the real question.  What do consumers expect from their Agents?

First of all, most policies, depending on the type of business, will have an average premium of $2,500.  For the small business, this can put a big dent in their annual budget.  Most businesses expect the agent to shop more than one market. Doing so, assures the business they are getting the best deal possible.  Price is important.  Using a small commercial comparative premium rater like allows the agent to immediately build trust by shopping all their markets with a single entry.

Secondly, businesses expect their agent to be the expert.  The agent must know about additional location/building coverages as well as policy enhancement packages.  The agent that knows this information establishes them as the expert in the industry.

Third, businesses expect their agent to explain the differences between multiple insurance company quotes.  Explain why one carriers premium may be higher than another.  Explain why one carrier may offer additional coverages and how that affects pricing.

Agents, for more information about, contact Mark Van Horn at 214-295-1586.

May 7, 2010

How To Make Money Writing Small Commercial for MGA’s

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Question:  Can you make money writing small commercial? 

Answer:  Yes, but only if you are taking advantage of current technology.

Yes, it is possible to make money writing small commercial business.  Most MGA’s, GA’s, & Wholesalers shy away writing small commercial business because it cost them too much time to process and the margin for profit is so small it doesn’t make sense.  Most are asking for & selling Middle Market type business. 

Here’s the Good News!  MGA’s can how offer small commercial business and make a profit.  How?  By not quoting the business.  You only touch the business once!  You heard me right.  NO MORE QUOTING!  Instead, lead the independent agent to your website for quoting.  You can take advantage of current technology that allows you to push the quote entry out to the independent agent.  In return, the agents gets real-time quotes with a single entry for multiple carriers.  It’s a WIN WIN!

For more information, please contact me at or call me at 214-295-1586.

Here’s to processing Binders!

Mark Van Horn

October 30, 2009

Walking, Working, Driving In A Winter Wonderland

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Winter Driver

Winter and potentially hazardous weather conditions are just around the corner. 

When employers ask their employees to take to the road, precautions should be taken. 

When employees return home, a different set of precautionary actions should be taken for their families.

Some of those precautions are listed below.

Traveling in possible icy or other hazardous road conditions:

  • Bring along blankets and a bright piece of cloth to tie on your antenna if you become stranded.
  • Flashlight with spare batteries.
  • Extra change of clothing to keep dry.
  • Non-perishable foods such as candy bars, canned goods, or high calorie food like Power Bars.
  • A can and waterproof matches (used to melt snow for drinking water).
  • A compass, shovel and sand, tow rope, and jumper cables.
  • Check the latest forecast from NOAA or other dependable weather forecasting service.
  • Check the latest road conditions before you head out into winter weather.
  • Let a relative or close acquaintance know where you are going and when you think you will reach your destination.

At home

  • Have your furnace checked before you need to use it.
  • Seal any windows that you suspect allow cold air into the house with caulking or plastic.
  • Include a home safety kit that includes extra non-perishable food, medicine, and a battery operated radio.
  • Keep a flashlight and extra batteries handy. Keep candles and matches handy for extended periods of electrical loss.

September 24, 2009

Internet Explorer Still Leading In Browser Market Share

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RealTimeExpress  browser stats

RealTimeExpress browser stats

Popular browsers like Chrome (google) and Firefox are still lagging behind leading market share browser Internet Explorer.  Data was releaesed from statistics collected by 

Popular versions of Internet Explorer include 7.0 (55% share), 8.0 (30% share), &  6.0 (15% share).

The recent release of Internet Explorer version 8.0 sent RealTimeExpress programmers to the drawing board to adjust the online software as a service comparative rating software for small commercial business.    According to programmer Ryan VerSteeg, “Everything is running smooth with all versions of Internet Explorer”.

July 23, 2009

Top 20 Business Classifications for Business Owners Policy

Take a look at the top 20 quoted business classifications in the last 60 days from our on-line comparative rater   

1.  Convenience Food Stores
2.  Restaurants – All Restaurants (Dine-in, Carry-out, Fast Food, Pizza, etc.)
3.  Building or Premises – LRO Single Occupancy
4.  Automobile Repair or Service Shops
5.  Cellular Phones and Pagers Stores
6.  Beauty Shop
7.  Building or Premises – LRO Multiple Occupancy
8.  Churches
9.  Building or Premises – LRO Strip Shopping Center
10. Grocery Stores
11. Insurance Agents
12. Building or Premises – LRO Multiple Occupancy Office
13. Liquor, Wine and Beer – Retail
14. Doctors Offices (No Emergency Clinics)
15. Nail Salons
16. Real Estate Office
17. Janitorial Services
18. Dentists
19. Furniture Stores Retail
20. Gift, Novelty, Souvenirs Retail

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July 13, 2009

Step One To Growing Your Commercial Insurance Business

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Step one to growing your commercial insurance business is simple.  It least it sounds simple and it is. 

Stop and Listen.

There is a story of a crusty old logger who meets a chainsaw salesman who asks him how many trees he can cut down in a day.  The logger says, “Oh, about 20”.  The salesman tells the logger that he can cut down 100 trees a day using the chainsaw.  The logger sees this would be a good thing and buys one.  One week later he returns the saw and says, “the best I can do is 25 trees a day”.  The chainsaw salesman, looks the saw over, and says, “Well, it looks good”.  He then pulls the starter and the saw kicks over with a roar.  The logger looks startled and says, “Hey, what’s that noise?”

 Just like the logger above, too many times you hear about technology & efficiency but just don’t know how to stop and listen.  Many times, you are so busy that you don’t have time to even think about efficiency. 

You can’t continue to do the same thing and expect a different result.  Start asking yourself the most common questions:

  • Why do I enter the same data over and over again?
  • Why do I have to go to each carriers website to get a quote?
  • Why can’t I have a great looking proposal including a coverage comparison for each carrier?

So the first step to growing your insurance business is to stop and listen.  Research.  Don’t be “so busy” that you can’t stop and strategize.

Learn more about commercial RealTime quoting.   It can grow your business.


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