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March 19, 2019

Three Simple Things to do for Your Website

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websiteV1Every business website should be doing these simple three things at least once every six months.  Doing so will keep you in good standing with Google and prospects will love you for it.

  1. Run spell check. Your website should be free from errors.  Here’s a free spell checker:
  2. Check your mobile compatibility. Google Chrome (browser) gives you the ability to check your mobile compatibility by simulating different devices.  It’s simple.  Load your page in Google chrome.  Press F12.  Click the Toggle device toolbar.   Select the mobile device you want to check from the drop-down.  You can pick from Galaxy S5, Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, iPhone 5/SE, iPhone 6/7/8, iPhone 6/7/8 Plus, iPhone X, iPad, & iPad Pro.  Get with your web developer to adjust areas that don’t look correct.
  3. Check for duplicate content.  Make sure you’re not copying content from another site without your knowledge.  Google looks down on duplicate content.  Here’s a free tool you can use to check your website for duplicate content:

Need help with your website?  Please call me for a free consultation at 214-295-1586.

Mark Van Horn
Quantum Integrated Systems


December 29, 2009

What is BOP Insurance?

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Businesses big & small face many risks.  Business owners need insurance to protect their business and assets.

What is a BOP?  Many business owners simply do not know.  A BOP is a Business Owners Policy.  It’s a package of insurance.  Coverages include Property Insurance, Business Interruption Insurance, & Liability Insurance.  Most carriers also offer package enhancement endorsements.

A BOP does not cover Workers Compensation, Professional Liability, Auto Insurance, or Health and Disability Insurance.  These risks must be covered by separate policies.

Consult your insurance professional today about BOP Insurance!

RealTimeExpress allows agents to access BOP Insurance quotes for multiple carriers with a single entry.  For more information, contact Mark Van Horn at or call 214-295-1586.

August 26, 2009

Beauty Shops Popular In Comparative Rater

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“Beauty Shops” classification is gaining popularity in comparative raters.  Within it is the 6th most quoted classification for Business Owners Policy (BOP).  Here are the results of a quoted Beauty Shop classification using 6 carriers. 


  • Carrier A:   $2,700
  • Carrier B:   $4,368
  • Carrier C:   $2,018
  • Carrier D:   $5,304
  • Carrier E:   $4,353
  • Carrier F:   $3,718

As you can see, using a comparative rater gives you, the agent, options to present to your insured.  By the way, this firm bindable quote was was done in less than 8 minutes using RealTimeExpress.

For more information regarding contact David Taylor at

The above was quoted using $2mln in receipts, $200,000 payroll, and 5,000 sq ft.

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