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June 22, 2018

Top BOP Classes 2018

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RestaurantAgentDirectExpress and RealTimeExpress, the leading provider of commercial insurance comparative rates for independent insurance agents, clusters, & wholesalers has released a report showing the top 5 Business Owners Policy (BOP) classes that were quoted in 2018 (first 6 months).

Focused Marketing has become more important to independent agencies, especially in this digital market place.  The report gives the agent the opportunity to focus their website & social medial marketing efforts towards certain businesses.

AgentDirectExpress & RealTimeExpress brings efficiency & opportunity to independent insurance agents across America. In about the same amount of time it takes an agent to go to one carriers’ website, you can go to and receive all your eligible quotes with a single entry.

And now… the moment you’ve been waiting for:


  1.  Restaurants
  2.  Convenience Food Stores
  3.  Retail Shoe Stores
  4.  Beauty Shops
  5.  Medical Offices

Other honorable mention classes are LRO (Lessors’ Risk Only), Plumbing, Carpentry, & Grocery Stores.

Quantum Integrated Systems provides commercial comparative rates with a single entry to insurance agents, clusters, & wholesalers nationwide.  In addition, they have Combined Consumer Portal, allowing agents to sell BOP, General Liability, & Professional Liability directly from the agent website.  The commercial prospect can purchase insurance with a credit card or debit card.  Quantum also does website development for the insurance industry.

Mark Van Horn, President

Quantum Integrated Systems





June 21, 2018

Insurance Technology

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TechSmallV1Developing the 21st century IT workforce requires insurance companies and agencies to not only integrate business and technology strategies, but also to rethink the insurance IT professional core competency. It wasn’t long ago that insurance technology agents and associations were exhorted to align with the company, today, that’s old advice. The IT mandate is to function as a unique company.  Now providing basic technology solutions, insurance technology became a supplier of reliable business solutions for insurance agents and carriers.

Twenty-first century insurance agents and companies will be so intertwined with technology and culture as to be indistinguishable from one another.

Today, however, with a wide assortment of supplier choices from cloud computing, going digital, to outsourcing IT requires becoming a partner that provides strategic business value is essential.  In forward thinking firms, it’s enmeshed in the fabric of the corporate team and is in the culture contributing to strategic company decisions. For the clear majority of companies, however, a gap exists between how it’s perceived versus where it ought to be to be able to stay the technology partner of choice. That gap is quickly widening in today’s business world. In spite of lean technology budgets along with an intransigent maintenance to new growth ratio, C level degree expectancy are on the rise.

A few of those new abilities would not traditionally be correlated with IT, for example, while technical abilities appears on Google’s eight habits for exceptionally effective managers manifesto, it falls in the very bottom, topped by training, enabling the staff and being a good communicator, amongst others. With that in mind, here are 11 key skills to help insurance IT organizations and associations close the skills gap:

  1. Enabling change: Drive change using purpose and intent rather than just letting it happen.
  2. Leadership: Make key mind-set shifts and embrace the behaviors that enable excellence.
  3. Consensus building: Resolve power struggles, dissolve resistance to change along with gain needed support through persuasion, trust building along with rapport.
  4. Business acumen: Understand the company environment, challenges, responsibilities and pressures.
  5. Communication: Successfully communicate with individuals by listening, developing empathy, using diplomacy, sharing your skills and dealing with emotions.
  6. Strategic focus: Operate from a combined view of clear, finite priorities as opposed to fighting fires.
  7. Organizational understanding: Step out of IT along with understand the factors that influence your endeavors, such as key stakeholders and their power levels, relationships and previous histories with one another.
  8. Problem solving: Work through complexities with respectful negotiation and conflict management skills.
  9. Project direction: Balance the art of project management with the science.
  10. Technical understanding: Continually educate yourself and customers on how a company can differentiate itself through technology enabled capabilities.
  11. Client orientation: Build a service strategy that’s dedicated to the client’s best interests.

Twenty-first century insurance agents and companies will be so intertwined with technology and culture as to be indistinguishable from one another.

Mark Van Horn, President

Quantum Integrated Systems

Commercial insurance technologies including comparative raters & consumer insurance purchasing products.

RealTimeExpress, AgentDirectExpress, & Combined Consumer Portal

August 3, 2017

5 Reasons to Allow Commercial Quote & Issue on Your Website

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Did you know General liability, BOP, & Professional Liability can all be quoted and issued with a credit/debit card from your website by your customer using Combined Consumer Portal

  1.  Convenience for your customers.  Let’s face it, many customers want a commercial quote at their convenience.  Allowing commercial quote & issue from your website gives your customers easy 24/7 access.
  2. No touch commercial policies for your office.  No more quoting.  No more meetings.  Just sit back and get paid.
  3. Keeps creative juices flowing.  Use the Combined Consumer Portal web link in creative ways.  Use it in social media or purchase email lists.
  4. Attain hot leads even if a policy is not ordered.  The quote reminder email allows you to follow-up with your customer.
  5. Ease of doing business.  Service center model allows your customer to work directly with the carrier on everything (billing, certs, endorsements, etc.).

May I have your permission to email complete information to you?  Just use this short form. Or feel free to call me at 214-295-1586 to chat about it.

Thank you,
Mark Van Horn
14785 Preston Rd., Suite 350
Dallas, Texas 7525

October 22, 2015

Top 5 Business Owners Policy (BOP) Classifications

Filed under: Uncategorized — realtimeexpress @ 3:48 pm, the leading provider of commercial comparative rates for commercial independent insurance agents, clusters, & wholesalers has released a report showing the top 5 Business Owners Policy (BOP) classes that were quoted in the last six months.

The report shows possible opportunities for independent agents that strive for focused marketing.  Focused marketing allows the agent to become the industry export for a particular classification(s).

The report also allows personal lines agents to view commercial insurance business opportunities they may be missing out on today.  It also allows agents to see businesses that are flourishing across America.

RealTimeExpress brings efficiency & opportunity to independent insurance agents across America.  In about the same amount of time it takes an agent to go to one carriers’ website, you can go to and receive all your eligible quotes with a single entry.


  1. Lessors Risk Only (LRO) for Single & Multiple Occupancy
  2. Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt Shops
  3. Nail Salons
  4. Churches
  5. Clothing or Wearing Apparel Stores

For a listing of the top 10 classifications, email me your request to

For more information about RealTimeExpress contact:

Mark Van Horn

December 11, 2012

Business Owners Policy. What Consumers Expect From Their Agent.

First, let’s define Business Owners Policy (BOP).  A BOP policy in general is a package policy that includes both property and general liability insurance.  In many cases additional coverages can be added.  A BOP policy covers businesses in the case of damaged or lost property.  In other words, in the event of a claim, you’ll receive enough settlement to replace the property.  The policy can also include personal property.  The liability portion of the BOP protects the business against claims of bodily injury or property damage.  It can also cover legal defense, libel, slander, & even false advertising.

Now the real question.  What do consumers expect from their Agents?

First of all, most policies, depending on the type of business, will have an average premium of $2,500.  For the small business, this can put a big dent in their annual budget.  Most businesses expect the agent to shop more than one market. Doing so, assures the business they are getting the best deal possible.  Price is important.  Using a small commercial comparative premium rater like allows the agent to immediately build trust by shopping all their markets with a single entry.

Secondly, businesses expect their agent to be the expert.  The agent must know about additional location/building coverages as well as policy enhancement packages.  The agent that knows this information establishes them as the expert in the industry.

Third, businesses expect their agent to explain the differences between multiple insurance company quotes.  Explain why one carriers premium may be higher than another.  Explain why one carrier may offer additional coverages and how that affects pricing.

Agents, for more information about, contact Mark Van Horn at 214-295-1586.

September 24, 2009

Internet Explorer Still Leading In Browser Market Share

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RealTimeExpress  browser stats

RealTimeExpress browser stats

Popular browsers like Chrome (google) and Firefox are still lagging behind leading market share browser Internet Explorer.  Data was releaesed from statistics collected by 

Popular versions of Internet Explorer include 7.0 (55% share), 8.0 (30% share), &  6.0 (15% share).

The recent release of Internet Explorer version 8.0 sent RealTimeExpress programmers to the drawing board to adjust the online software as a service comparative rating software for small commercial business.    According to programmer Ryan VerSteeg, “Everything is running smooth with all versions of Internet Explorer”.

September 11, 2009

Commercial Comparative Raters – Two Things You May Not Know

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For many years insurance agents have used comparative raters to process their personal lines quotes.  Many agents are not aware of commercial lines comparative raters that are on the market, right now, all online, with Real-time quoting for Business Owners Policy, Commercial Auto, & Workers Compensation.

Today, I would like to point out two important items you may not know when it comes to commercial comparative raters:

  1. Efficiency – no longer do you need to go to each carriers website to enter data.  Enter it once in a comparative rater and the software populates the carriers website on your behalf.  Talk about “reserving the market”, now we’re talking.
  2. Opportunity – if you have more than 2 or 3 carrier appointments you cannot afford to go to each carriers website for quoting.  It costs the agent too much money, especially doing high transaction, low premium business.  Using a comparative rater allows you to take advantage of every opportunity for each of your carrier appointments.  More opportunity = more business.

For more information regarding RealTimeExpress, contact Mark Van Horn at

August 26, 2009

Beauty Shops Popular In Comparative Rater

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“Beauty Shops” classification is gaining popularity in comparative raters.  Within it is the 6th most quoted classification for Business Owners Policy (BOP).  Here are the results of a quoted Beauty Shop classification using 6 carriers. 


  • Carrier A:   $2,700
  • Carrier B:   $4,368
  • Carrier C:   $2,018
  • Carrier D:   $5,304
  • Carrier E:   $4,353
  • Carrier F:   $3,718

As you can see, using a comparative rater gives you, the agent, options to present to your insured.  By the way, this firm bindable quote was was done in less than 8 minutes using RealTimeExpress.

For more information regarding contact David Taylor at

The above was quoted using $2mln in receipts, $200,000 payroll, and 5,000 sq ft.

August 25, 2009

Fast Track to Small Commercial Success

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Did you know small commercial insurance policies (BOP, Commercial Auto, and Workers Compensation) are at $95 billion industry and they account for more than 40% of the commercial business written in the United States?

That makes Small Commercial a great market to be in – specially if you have the secret weapon, a commercial comparative rater, designed especially for agents with direct appointments.

Have you ever wanted to have just one place where you could:

  • Input your data in one website
  • Not have to re-key anything, or answer the same question twice for your direct appointments, and
  • Receive multiple quotes from national carriers such as Travelers, The Hartford, CNA, Liberty/Safeco, and Zurich in real-time?

That’s exactly what comparative raters can do for you.  You will receive multiple quotes, as if you had entered each account into each carrier’s website, without the risk of keyboard errors.  And you get to keep your commissions and contingencies!

Are You Miss Out on These Benefits?

  • Efficiency – save time by entering information only one time
  • One system and one set of questions containing all carrier eligibility rules
  • Allows additional time for service, prospecting and closing

To learn more about RealTimeExpress contact me, Mark Van Horn at

July 29, 2009

How To Find The Best Deal For Your Commercial Insurance

Looking for the best deal on you commercial insurance?  Need a Business Owners Policy (BOP)?  Need Workers’ Compensation?  Need Commercial Auto insurance?  Here are the steps to make sure you get the best deal possible.

  1. Ask your agent if he or she uses an online commercial comparative rater.  Agents need to be able to give you more than one quote and they need to give it to you quickly (not days).  Many agents are not aware of these tools. 
  2. Ask to see a side-by-side comparison of coverages and premiums by insurance carrier.
  3. Ask your agent to clarify advantages & disadvantages of coverages by carrier.

Following these simple steps will ensure you get the best deal possible on your commercial insurance.  Insurance agents to be aware of tools that exists to make thier life easier & efficient.

For more information regarding www.realtimeexpress, contact us at

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