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September 25, 2009

Why Business Insurance?

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Business Insurance can be used to cover fire or liability for your business.  If you have losses in a fire, how would you continue to live?  There is Business Income Coverage, or Extra Expense Coverage in case you need to set up somewhere else.  This way customers don’t forget you while you get back on your feet.  Make sure you business has proper coverage.

Tell your agent about small commercial comparative rater for Business Owners, Workers Compensation, & Commercial Auto.

September 24, 2009

Internet Explorer Still Leading In Browser Market Share

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RealTimeExpress  browser stats

RealTimeExpress browser stats

Popular browsers like Chrome (google) and Firefox are still lagging behind leading market share browser Internet Explorer.  Data was releaesed from statistics collected by 

Popular versions of Internet Explorer include 7.0 (55% share), 8.0 (30% share), &  6.0 (15% share).

The recent release of Internet Explorer version 8.0 sent RealTimeExpress programmers to the drawing board to adjust the online software as a service comparative rating software for small commercial business.    According to programmer Ryan VerSteeg, “Everything is running smooth with all versions of Internet Explorer”.

September 11, 2009

Commercial Comparative Raters – Two Things You May Not Know

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For many years insurance agents have used comparative raters to process their personal lines quotes.  Many agents are not aware of commercial lines comparative raters that are on the market, right now, all online, with Real-time quoting for Business Owners Policy, Commercial Auto, & Workers Compensation.

Today, I would like to point out two important items you may not know when it comes to commercial comparative raters:

  1. Efficiency – no longer do you need to go to each carriers website to enter data.  Enter it once in a comparative rater and the software populates the carriers website on your behalf.  Talk about “reserving the market”, now we’re talking.
  2. Opportunity – if you have more than 2 or 3 carrier appointments you cannot afford to go to each carriers website for quoting.  It costs the agent too much money, especially doing high transaction, low premium business.  Using a comparative rater allows you to take advantage of every opportunity for each of your carrier appointments.  More opportunity = more business.

For more information regarding RealTimeExpress, contact Mark Van Horn at

September 3, 2009

Back Injury Prevention

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Heard the expression, “I’ve got your back”? So what about your back?  You’re really the one who has it–physically, that is.

Back injuries are one of the most commonly occurring injuries both occupationally and also in the off-the-job activities.  What can we do about controlling this type of injury?

Back Injury Prevention

First of all prevention is the key, as it is the caser with all injuries.  Let’s look at some of the key element sin back injury prevention:

  • Don’t try to be Superman.  If someone is assigned a task beyond his mention capabilities, he will usually tell his supervisor, “I do not know how to do that,” or make some similar statement.  Don’t perform beyond your capabilities.  Get help!
  • Size up the load before lifting (or otherwise moving) it.  Some packages are much heavier than they appear.  So attempt to push the load slightly with your foot before “snatching and grabbing” the load.
  • Be sure the path is safe.  Before carrying the load, look at the floor along the planned path of travel.  There should be no obstacles or spilled fluids in the way.  Many back injuries or other muscular strains occur because the person carrying the load slips or stumbles, causing a sudden sift in the load.
  • Limber up before lifting.  All athletes know the importance of some basic calisthenics prior to beginning a physically-demanding contest.  The same applies to you.  Stretching exercises are critical prior to any manual lifting, especially in the early morning before the body is warm and flexible.

Workers compensation insurance coverage is critical for covering employee back injuries.  Talk to your agent about using for multiple carrier quoting.

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